Transferable Skills (Oxford)


You will need to ensure by the time you reach your Transfer of Status (end of your 4th term), you have spent a minimum of 5 days (one full day=8 hours) on transferable skills courses.

Transferable Skills Programmes

Research Integrity courses are available online.

These have been designed as an introduction to good practice in research. By the end of a course, you should be able to:

  • Understand and explain the key responsibilities you have as a researcher
  • Identify the challenges you could face in meeting these responsibilities
  • Be aware of strategies for dealing with pressures and difficult situations.


Enterprise Skills Programme

The MPLS Division has designed a programme of courses and events which use Enterprise as a forum for developing research skills and Research as a way of highlighting all that enterprise might offer:

IT Learning Centre's collection of online courses and resources

Oxford University IT department offers an extensive learning portfolio.

Oxford University ITLP offer many IT-related courses.