Spring Retreat

The 2023 CDT Spring retreat took place from 27-31 March at Missenden Abbey. Our first year students spent the week at this residential retreat and shared their research plans with each other and CDT faculty members.

Missenden Abbey is a 12th Century former medieval abbey, set within 10 acres of beautiful grounds in the heart of the Chilterns.

As well as talks from our first year students there were also presentations from CDT faculty members:

Professor Ben Hambly - Particle systems and systemic risk 

Dr Cristopher Salvi  - Recent developments in signature kernel methods 

Professor Jeroen Lamb  - Bifurcation & Random Dynamic Systems

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Photographs provided by Zihao Shen and Christoph Reisinger 


Our Spring retreat took place in person at Missenden Abbey, from April 4-7 2022.

Our first year students from Oxford and Imperial joined together, to discuss their research plans with each other and our faculty members.

During the week there were also be presentations from our faculty members:

Professor Christoph Reisinger: Analysis and implementation of policy gradient methods for continuous-time stochastic control

Professor Johannes Muhle-Karbe: A Leland Model for Delta Hedging in Central Risk Books

Dr Pietro Siorpaes: A personal journey on robust pricing

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spring retreat walk cr2

Our 2021 Spring Retreat was replaced by a series of weekly talks and discussions from our current first years to run from April 30-July 1. Each student introduced their research area and other students and faculty for a discussion of the topic following each student presentation.


Our 2020 Spring Retreat was held 29 April to 1 May 2020.

This was a remote meeting with students presenting their research in 30 minute talks via an online platform. 

Members of the faculty joined the meeting to give feedback on these talks which were accompanied by lively discussions.