Responsible Research and Innovation Training

This course in responsible research will be run in person at Imperial College London by Michael Barany (University of Edinburgh,  School of Social and Political Science)

Monday 8 November

3pm: Arrival, welcome

3:10: Mathematical Biographies exercise and discussion

3:55: Break and break-time exercise: mentorship and menteeship philosophies

4:10: Training, team-based research, menteeship, professionalism, when communities go bad

4:40: Where are Random Systems? Exercise leading into short break, followed by discussion.

5:35: Mini-lecture/discussion and setup for tomorrow: history of randomness and society.

6pm: departure


Tuesday 9 November

10am: Arrival, historical reading and discussion: randomness and order.

10.30: Quetelet data and models exercise.

11.15: Break and break-time exercise: What can you do with a Random System?

11.35: Defining and evaluating impact.

12.15: Exercise leading into lunch break: fairness, accountability, and transparency.

1.00: Discussion of exercise and RRI as an academic field.

1.25: World of Random Systems exercise and discussion of stakeholders and constituencies.

2.10: Closing discussion, preparing for next steps, wrap up

2.25: Finish